Done for my very best e-friend. Is she not just the CUTEST thing ever!

I think drawing pictures like this is my favorite. Not your traditional "stare at the camera" pose. And of course, babies are always so very fun. She is just too cute.


This drawing was commissioned by a friend for her husband's boss' boss. (Did you follow that?)
A late life surprise for this couple. This picture captured a precious moment.

I used graphite on the baby's eyes to give them a little more definition. The flash from my camera is reflecting off the graphite which is why it has that glare, sorry.


Some of 2009 - So Far

This first drawing was done for Latter-Day Village. It is for the LDS Young Women's 2010 theme, "Be strong and of good courage."

You can buy the posters HERE
And keychains HERE

Some of 2008

Books in 2008

These books were made for Latter-Day Village and can be bought HERE.

These books were made just for the fun of it.

In December of 2008, I was asked by some friends, who do stain glass masterpieces, to put some of my books in their art show. These were a couple that were in there.

Wood cover with dyed green paper. One of my favorites.

Some of 2007

These are pictures that I drew for the Latter-Day Village Monthly Theme Primary Posters. It was my first real taste at constantly drawing with this medium. It was a challenge, but fun.

Books in 2007

At this point I was very blessed and honored with the opportunity to teach Bookbinding at BYU.

Just a couple of my projects. I didn't always remember to take pictures of my books. Some of my best I will never have pictures of. (sniff)

I know this picture isn't the greatest, but I made up this criss-cross pattern for the coptic-bound books. One of the other teachers liked it so much she still teaches it to her classes!
This is a papercase bound book. Instead of a stiff cover, this handmade paper allows for a soft, flexible cover, while maintaining durability.

Okay, truthfully, I have no idea when I made this. I can't seem to remember! But I know it's one of my earlier projects. Its covered in paste paper.

In a nut shell, paste paper is paper that is painted with a paste that is mixed with paint. The paste keeps the paint from chipping and allows the paper to be flexable. This was the first piece of paste paper I ever made.

2006 - The Real Beginning

I got it in my head one day after a figure drawing class that I really wanted to draw a picture of my daughter.

Once I finished it I was hooked. I knew I wanted to keep drawing portraits. And so I have.





I took my first Bookbinding class in the Fall of 2003. I fell in love with it. So, I decided to take it again in the Fall of 2004. During which I decided to make everyone in my family a book for Christmas. It was a lot of fun trying to make them individualized. These are a few of my favorites.
For my mom: coptic bound wood with her name engraved on the cover.

For my sister:

For my neice: I dyed the paper inside the books. I thought they turned out really cute.