I Love This

I just finished February's Primary Poster for Latter-Day Village. 

I love the way Christ's hands are open behind this super cute little boy!

Although, this is the first time I actually tried to alter the image. I mean, I've added things or erased things from drawings before but, I wanted his eyes to be less squinty and his mouth more relaxed.

What do you think?

Successful? Or, Never do it again!


Candle Decorating! Or at least trying.

There is a whole lot of planter shelf space in our house. But home decor' can be expensive! So they had been empty for a while. Eventually, one or two things were added, thanks to my mom. Then, last night, I found a couple more things on sale to add. So I gave my living room planter shelf a makeover.

As I stood back, looking it over, I decided that my white candles needed some spicing up.

At first I thought how ingenious and original my idea for adding ribbon was. But then, it occurred to me that  every crafter and their dog has probably tried this.

Anyway, at first, I thought something along these lines.

Then I decided that I already had enough flowers up there. So I kept it simple. I liked the touch. It added some color. (and yes, I know that I have two different candle sticks)

But THEN, this morning my eye caught site of some hairbows that I had made Savannah. I thought to myself, oh that ribbon would be perfect!!

I even layed the hair bow on there to see what it would look like. You know, I like it! I don't know if I have enough ribbon for it, but I do like it.

Still, I'm undecided, is ti TOO much brown? Maybe the blue-ish color looks nicer? Interior decorating is NOT a strong point for me. I thrive off of other people's opinions in this matter.

So I need your help.

Do you like the blue? Or brown better? Flower, bow, or plain?


After all, this is a VERY IMPORTANT decision!

P.S. If you've ever decorated candles before, I'd love to see!