My Little Fairy Princess

(nervous shuffling of feet... clearing of throat)

W-welcome. Thanks for uh... thanks for stopping by.  *gulp*

I don't normally get too nervous when it comes to public speaking but (wringing of hands) but I am feeling a bit nervous to show you all my latest art project.

It's been something I've been thinking about doing for some time now but I had a bit of an artistic breakdown and kind of went on drawing strike. But I am feeling better now and decided to dive right back in.

I have been wanting to experiment with adding a bit of a ummm....cute fantasy touch, for lack of better wording, to the drawings that I do. And also figure out how to incorporate more color.

This is what I came up with. Sorry, I know the photo isn't all that great. I have a REALLY lousy camera. And you can click on them to see them a little bigger.

I started out with just an old photo I took of Alayna quite a while ago.

I then used some random google images to give me a guide as to what I wanted to do.
Next I sketched it out, and did my usual one-color drawing.

This is the part where I got REALLY nervous. Adding the color.

Okay.... okay then, that wasn't so bad showing you after all! Considering that I was sweating so bad I should probably shower again.

So this is the part where you awesome readers come in.

Opinions? I mean, opinions please!?

So what do you think? Yes to the color idea? Or no, never again unless I want to get hit with a flying tomato.

What about the over-all idea? Do you think people would be interested in getting something like this done? I realize that this isn't everyone's style but opinions are so very welcome. I'm just trying to gauge interest to know if I should offer this as an option for people.

I think it would be cute for any age. But I'm still trying to think of a good idea for boys. Gosh, why are they always so much harder? And they say girls are more complicated!

If you have any ideas for what I could do for boys, that would be awesome too.

Thank you so much!!

If you were here, I would make you all chocolate chips cookies... minus the chocolate chips since I already ate them all.