My Little Fairy Princess

(nervous shuffling of feet... clearing of throat)

W-welcome. Thanks for uh... thanks for stopping by.  *gulp*

I don't normally get too nervous when it comes to public speaking but (wringing of hands) but I am feeling a bit nervous to show you all my latest art project.

It's been something I've been thinking about doing for some time now but I had a bit of an artistic breakdown and kind of went on drawing strike. But I am feeling better now and decided to dive right back in.

I have been wanting to experiment with adding a bit of a ummm....cute fantasy touch, for lack of better wording, to the drawings that I do. And also figure out how to incorporate more color.

This is what I came up with. Sorry, I know the photo isn't all that great. I have a REALLY lousy camera. And you can click on them to see them a little bigger.

I started out with just an old photo I took of Alayna quite a while ago.

I then used some random google images to give me a guide as to what I wanted to do.
Next I sketched it out, and did my usual one-color drawing.

This is the part where I got REALLY nervous. Adding the color.

Okay.... okay then, that wasn't so bad showing you after all! Considering that I was sweating so bad I should probably shower again.

So this is the part where you awesome readers come in.

Opinions? I mean, opinions please!?

So what do you think? Yes to the color idea? Or no, never again unless I want to get hit with a flying tomato.

What about the over-all idea? Do you think people would be interested in getting something like this done? I realize that this isn't everyone's style but opinions are so very welcome. I'm just trying to gauge interest to know if I should offer this as an option for people.

I think it would be cute for any age. But I'm still trying to think of a good idea for boys. Gosh, why are they always so much harder? And they say girls are more complicated!

If you have any ideas for what I could do for boys, that would be awesome too.

Thank you so much!!

If you were here, I would make you all chocolate chips cookies... minus the chocolate chips since I already ate them all.


  1. You are so talented. Most girls really love fairies and I'd imagine they would LOVE one of these of themselves. Super cute. And I really like the extra color added. I think it's better with it. Hope you can stop sweating soon. :)

  2. Definitely YES on the color. I think the yellow is a good beginning, but the more the merrier.

  3. Serene, I keep looking at this to see what you are so nervous about. I have to conclude that you are just super critical of yourself, which is what most artists are. Being as objective as I possibly can, I think that this is really quite good. I think that this could be a very cool niche sort of thing. I do like the color a lot--and I think whether you add the wings or not, that is a nice touch.

  4. I love the color. I think you could do a lot of other cool things like that too for the boys. Maybe like a cowboy thing or....yeah boys are a lot harder. You are so very talented!

  5. I love the pop of color. I like it without, too. I think there's definitely a niche for this. You're really good, Serene. I could never do something like that. I'm impressed.

    For boys, I think it would probably just have to be personalized. My boys would love something like that with a superhero mask on. Or if one little boy loves trains, you could do a conductor hat. Just depends on the individual kid.

    I think there's a definite market for this. Way to go, girlie.

  6. Serene, You worry too much! You are amazing! I love the picture and love the pink! You could advertise by letting people know that you would be willing to do similar drawings in a favorite color. I agree with the superhero thing for boys! I know that mine were always running around in their superman capes! I love your talent! Wish I had some of it too!!

  7. Love, love , love it. Soooo cute. You are so talented. I think boys would look cute with dragon wings. We are very into dragons.

  8. Okay, first of all, this is beautiful. It looks just like her. You did a great job with her expression (and with her cute little face in general).

    I love the color in the wings. It's subtle and perfect. The one thing I will say is that I'm not sure the color you chose is the right one for the flower. I like it close up, actually, but from further away it doesn't look quite right. I think just a different shade, probably a slightly brighter shade of the same general yellow, would work better. Then again, I know absolutely nothing about art, so please, take this with a grain of salt. I had an abstract painting/poster on my wall for three and a half years of college before one day my new boyfriend pointed out that it was sideways. Ahem.

    I do think people would be interested in this, particularly if the background element/flower element could be customized (as well as the color, both main and accent). I think the most important thing to people would be that you could capture what their little one looked like, and you definitely did a great job here.

  9. Linda: Dragon wings!! I love the idea!!

    Anonymous: I laughed out loud at your abstract poster hanging sideways. Awesome.

    And honestly, I agree with you! Once I did the yellow flower I thought, hmmmm, that doesn't look like the way I envisioned it and was wishing I had done a different color instead.

    And yes, the colors could definitely be customized!

    Thank you for your input!

  10. Yes on the color (i'd like even a little more color) and double yes on the dragon wings!!!


    (Okay, turn about's fair play. I'd love to hear your feedback on the new Easter story-poem for children that I posted today.)

  11. I definitely like the extra color. I like how you added it to the flower and at the edge of the wings.

    It looks fantastic! Great job.

  12. I have nothing to offer you, sorry... Although My jaw hasn't come off the floor yet just from looking at your drawing compared to the photo. It's remarkable!

    My are skills go as far as the preschool room.

  13. Awww! That is amazing! So cute. Love it! I love the subtle color.

  14. The color is a great touch! And as for the wings/fantasy part? So cute. I have an entire book of photos of little children--all with wings and other fairy-tale-like things. I can't seem to get rid of it because it's so cute! You would definitely have an audience for this.

  15. I think that is so beautiful.
    I've looked at them a couple of times today and keep coming back for more.
    I have no artistic ability or sense whatsoever but I am sooooo impressed. Please remember the little people when you get all famous and stuff.

    My youngest in now 18 but from the time she was born we called her Angel Baby. So these pictures you've done have a special place in my heart.

  16. Really? U were nervous?
    Beautiful. Love the color. i can't believe you can take a picture AND then sketch the picture. WOW.
    Love it.
    I'm gonna give you some pics to do of my kiddos.
    Better yet, you can create the cover of my next book! ;)
    You are super awesome Serene.
    Love your stuff.

  17. I love the color!
    Adding the fairy wings brings just a little whimsy that I think kids would love.
    You are one very talented women.

  18. I think it looks great, and the added color is nice. You are very talented!

  19. Good job! I love it! The wings look a little high on the back to me. I think you're getting better at faces. I think you could add even more color, at least to the wings.

    You could find out what the boys like - add a fireman hat, or make them into an astronaut, or a sports player, or add dinosaurs in the background, or put them in a knight's armor.

  20. Okay. I swear I left a comment. But it isn't here. So I'm trying again just to say, I love the idea, I think it's adorable, and when I thought of boys, I thought race cars and sports.

    You are so very talented, Serene!

  21. FORGET THE CHOCOLATES...My darling Sarah...You now...have the BEST MOTHER'S DAY could give me...or for my BIRTHDAY...or CHRISTMAS...I would LOVE to have this FRAMED and on one of my newly painted walls!!!! LOVE IT!!!! BEAUTIFULLY DONE...SARAH...You have a DARLING..."MODEL" for this drawing...(smile)

  22. It is a cute idea. Darling for girls. Mine play fairies ALL the time and would be delighted by the idea. I like the color in the wings and the solid on the flower.

    Boys want to fly or swash-buckle. I hate to say superman-ish, but it is a beginning.

  23. I love it and think it looks great! Love the color. As for boys, I love the super hero cape even flapping in the wind a little...or, I don't know how comfortable you are with this, but having the boy ride a dragon (or another animal). We know you used to like drawing dragons. Or I guess you could add something else to the background or something else, like a monkey on their shoulder...okay, I'll stop thinking outloud!

  24. P.S. If my husband doesn't start drawing me something soon, I'm going to start saving up to have you do something!

  25. I think it looks great- not to much color but enough!

  26. First of all - you SKETCHED THAT???

    I am in awe of your talent, and perhaps might want to commission something. Not a huge fan of the wings, but the end product with this particular picture is beautiful!

    Nicely done !!

  27. wow Sarah! That is AMAZING!!!! I really LOVE IT!!!! Now where is the chocolate?

  28. Whoa, you are so talented! Goodness girl! Would you be willing to draw my kids?!!!! This is FANTASTIC!

    I have 4 kids--3 of them little princesses/fairies.

    I found you through MBC--the "more than 2 kids" group. I am now a FAN! Beautiful work!

  29. I am new here. I have no suggestions.

    You DRAW these???? I have to show my daughter. I bet she'd eat these up.


  30. You have amazing talent from the Lord! I am your newest follower. My blog is about living a joyful life and I would love if you would check it out and follow me back when you have time! I have 4 little ones the foot picture..I may try that myself. Look forward to getting to know you better. Oh, and I do like the butterfly wings drawing..I actually have a pair on my own back from years ago..I've always had a soft spot for the winged beauties..

  31. Sarah . . . .I just viewed your art through your mom's blog . . . . you shouldn't have any fear sharing such amazing talent - - absolutely beautiful . . . . .

  32. WOW! My jaw dropped. Your drawings are beautiful! What an awesome talent! Again- WOW!


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