He is a God of Miracles

The Primary theme for August 2010 is "Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He is the God of Miracles"

As Debbi and I were trying to find the right picture for the theme so I could draw it for Latter-Day Village, I couldn't help but think of our experience almost a year ago when our baby girl had to have cranial reconstructive surgery. I believe our experience was something of a mini miracle.

The surgery was about five hours and it included cutting open her scalp and removing her head plates so they could be fitted back together properly.

She had her surgery on a Wednesday and here she is on Sunday.

According to  the surgeons, her eyes should have been swollen shut with her head much more swollen than it was. They couldn't believe how good she was doing, let alone sitting up and smiling!

So yes, I believe we had our own little miracle.

If you are interested in reading more about it, I have all the links listed here from her surgery.

This image brings back a flood of memories and I feel so very humbled over God's love for our little family.

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  1. Whew.....where was the tissue warning?!?!? That is awesome...and brought back all the thoughts and emotions of concern and gratitude from last year!!
    You have such a special gift!!!
    :D Maria Underwood


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